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IT Support for all you your business needs

We offer IT support for a wide variety of scenarios. Whether you need support onsite or Remote, Managed IT, Computers, Networking, or Data Backups, Knead Web Design is your One stop shop for all your businesses technology needs.

The last 2 years have been extremely hard on companies. They have tried everything in their power to stay afloat. They’ve come to the realization that moving forward in the ever-growing technological realm is the only way. Here therein lies the struggle.

If all of your clients information lies on the network. Who’s managing your network? If there is an outage or the system is temporarily down do you have a plan in place to restore services so that your clients don’t experience any downtime?

What kind of IT support does Knead Web Design offer?

We offer a wide variety of Technical assistance based on your business’ or particular needs including some of the following.

Remote Support

As their is a surge in businesses unable to conduct transactions in person this support enables a quick and efficient solution to IT needs.

Onsite Support

Some IT support, such as repair and restoration needs to be conducted inhouse/ onsite in order to ensure that the issues are handled and no other damage is done. In these instances Knead Web Design will send a tech to your location to assess the issue and to rectify it.

System Backup

When hurricane season is upon us in Jacksonville, Florida or Winter storms grace the Midwest and Cincinnati, OH, your system should stay backed up. This ensures that though pipes may freeze and roofs may blow your precious customer data is safe and secure in a backup.

Computer Support & Help Desk Support

We offer computer and help desk support for companies whose employees are out in the field. These employees are typically utilizing Laptops or Ipads and are in need of assistance should their systems go down while on a service call.

Work Orders

Request service as you go with work orders. Often times small businesses don’t have the budget to employ an entire IT department. Our work orders offer the flexibility to fix some smaller issues without the hassle of worrying about when it will be fixed. These work orders include everything from printers not working, scanners not scanning, and fax machines not faxing to name a few.

Network Setup and Installation

We can setup and install your internal network giving your company the ability to communicate with employees across your entire organization. This way no one misses the important company information and everyone stays up to date.

Whether your business is big or small Knead Web Design helps all. If you haven’t planned for what to do in case of network outage, IT issues, computer problems, or technology failures it’s time to give us a call.

IT Support in Jacksonville, FL.

Offering onsite computer support, Remote Support and help desk services, network support and more to Jacksonville, FL businesses and businesses in the surrounding areas.

IT Support in Cincinnati, OH

Computer services are offered in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area for businesses in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. This includes but is not limited to all networking services and custom services tailored to your unique business needs.

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