Knead Web Design 

You’ve taken a courageous step towards financial freedom by investing in yourself and starting up a business of your very own. We here at Knead Web Design commend your brave efforts. Now it’s time to get molding. What is the most important thing a business needs to be considered a business? You guessed it right, Clients. So where can we find your clients? Online, scrolling posts or searching desperately on Google for some item/service they need. Do you offer that service? Do you carry that item? If the answer is yes then you Knead Web Design. How will people find you if you aren’t even online? How will they know you from your competitor? What sets you apart? It’s the way you mold your business. The steps you take to ensure professionalism. The verbiage and imagery used to reach deep into minds and let your customers know why they should choose you. It’s the search engine tactics used to give you a footprint so that you become a household name. Envision it. Your website right there on screen, just when those customers are searching they find your brand. It’s right on time. You Knead Web Design. It is the Bread and Butter of your Successful Business and without it your business may quite possibly fail. Today, there are 3 billion people online. Tomorrow there will be more. If you aren’t connecting with those people, your business is not reaching its full potential. That’s why you Knead Web Design. You’ve started this business in hopes of it becoming a success. So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget the reason you began on this endeavor. You are an entrepreneur at heart. Keep aiming towards that goal and you will find the success you seek.

Knead Web Design

Our Start up packages include everything to get your business in motion! Consider this as a one stop shop business start-up package. Here are a few of our offerings.

  • Free Business Cards – This is a start-up package and every start-up business needs FREE business cards.
  • Website SEO Optimization – This feature enables you to be located more easily with information embedded into your website pages
  • 1-2 Page Design – Simple design to get to get you started
  • Domain Registration – i.e.
  • Stock Images – Pre-built images that best fit your design needs
  • Custom Image/header – Custom Image designed and usually used for the header
  • Logo Consultation – We’ll discuss your logo ideas if you don’t already have one
  • 1 hr Content Consultation – Content is part of design. So we will discuss with you your content for your unique website
  • Responsive Design – Our designs are responsive so that it scales your screen on whichever device you’re using