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Knead Web Design

Smart Phones, Tablets, Tech Watches, Latops and PC’s. All ways consumers connect to the online world for the ultimate shopping experience and your business is right in the middle of it. You did a good job by creating a website. But, is your information up to date? Is your design flawed and search engine tactics missing vital information? If the answer if no or you’re unsure then, you Knead Web Design to revamp your website, and create content that can be found on all major search engines. You know by now that the cost to obtain a new customer significantly supersedes the cost to generate a new one. No business can afford to continuously loose clientele you had the right idea to acquire a website but your information may be outdated. You Knead Web Design to complaints about your search engine is. About the inaccuracy of the information you’ve listed online. Why are you holding on to that 10-Are you online and if so is your content good enough to connect those consumers to your business? Are the graphics appealing enough to be attention grabbing. Take a second to think about it. If the answer is no, then you Knead Web Design. The website you had created 10 years ago may not be good enough. It may be lacking in some of the Search Engine Optimization tactics available today. What does more clientele mean to you? It should be worth the cost of your business because a client is what makes you a business and no clients can break you. So get ahead of the curve. You Knead Web Design TODAY!

Knead Web Design

Our Mature business packages include everything to help you continue building your empire! Consider this a one stop shop business mature package. Here are a few of our offerings.

  • Free Business Cards – Every business needs FREE business cards.
  • Website SEO Optimization: Both Basic and Advanced – This feature enables you to be located more easily with information embedded into your website pages
  • 5-6 Page Design – Simple design to get to get you started
  • Domain Registration – i.e.
  • Stock Images – Pre-built images that best fit your design needs
  • Additional Custom Images – Custom Image designed and usually used for the header
  • Logo Consultation – We’ll discuss your logo ideas if you don’t already have one
  • 2 hr Content Consultation – Content is part of design. So we will discuss with you your content for your unique website
  • Responsive Design – Our designs are responsive so that it scales your screen on whichever device you’re using
  • Webmail Setup – We will setup your webmail and help you configure it to the email account your’re currently usingif applicable
  • Instructional Tutorial – To give you a better understanding of the website you’re working with.
  • 5 plugin installs – Plugins are a great tool to save you time. You have the option of up to 5 of these types of installs if needed.