How to Sell

Learn how to sell so you can market your products correctly

How to sell

The first thing you need to practice in how to sell is selling yourself, so let’s forget about the product or service you’re attempting to sell. People choose your product or service based on whether they can make an emotional connection with you as a person not your product. So if you’re able to make an emotional connection it will give you the ability to learn how to sell to your customer that much easier.

Listen more than you speak

The second point in making a sell is the listening factor. Listen more than you speak. Many sales people ruin their sales by speaking so heavily on how “amazing” their product is that they forget to listen. Doing this is understandable because your product or service is something that you really believe in and you just want to sell it. However, selling is intuitive so speaking heavily on your product without listening can have an adverse affect.

Knowing your target Audience – who to sell to

Knowing your target audience and who to sell to is just as important as selling yourself. If you’re selling your product to a market that has absolutely no use for your product or service you are marketing to the wrong audience. In doing this you are not only wasting marketing dollars but are also wasting valuable time and energy that cannot be retrieved. Know your audience and who you’re selling to and market as such.

Target audience

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Understanding your Clients motivation – or their why

Understanding your client’s motivation or their why helps you to better connect with your customers on the emotional level we referred to earlier. If you understand your client’s motivation then you will better understand how to explain why your product is a good fit for them.

KISS – Keep it simple silly

Don’t make a 5 page research paper with bulleted points as to why your customer should choose you. Learning the proper technique of how to sell doesn’t always require a textbook thick portfolio with notes and references to match. Your customer doesn’t need to redo the research that you’ve already done. Keep it simple by breaking down what you’ve learned in a few short sentences. Keep it simple silly.

Remember learning how to sell is about your customer

Your product or service is FOR YOUR CUSTOMER so make it about them. After you’ve taken the time to listen to your customer, cater your verbiage to them as to why they should choose your product or service. Just remember, learning how to sell isn’t about you, it’s about your customer.

About Your Customer

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Don’t pick up customers or projects just to pick up customers or projects

Not every product is for every customer and that is okay. Not every service is for every customer and that is also okay. So, don’t pick up customers or projects just to pick up customers or projects. The people you gather that are good for your brand, will need your services and will add value to your business. You don’t need customers who will be unhappy with the product or service you sold them because they didn’t really need it. Remember positive happy customers will spread positivity. Negative unhappy customers will spread negativity for the business. So don’t pick up customers or projects just to pick up customers or projects

Vet your customers

Don’t wait until you’re on the phone with the customer to inquire about them. Do your research beforehand. The internet is a vast tool of information. You can find a ton of information on just about anything that you’re looking for if you do your research. This will also help you to create that emotional connection with the customer as you may bond over some common areas of interests. So vet your customers.

Ask questions and listen to the answers.

Please don’t ask your potential customers questions with no intention of listening. At this point why talk at all. You’re building bad rapport with your customer if you’re doing all the talking or if you’re asking great questions but not listening to the answers. If you ask questions and don’t listen then don’t expect an answer.

Remember you’re selling to a person

The people behind businesses are PEOPLE. It’s easy to forget this, especially when dealing with business to business sales, however, they are still people. Treat them as such.

Study the Psychologies

There are certain psychologies about the way the human brain works. Certain situations trigger certain responses. Your opening is the most important as most of us know that the typical human attention span isn’t very long. Capturing their attention and backing it with pertinent data is a very helpful psychological tool in the process of selling. There are many more so if you want to sell then study the psychologies.

Approach people at their level

Everyone is not the same so, approach people at their level. Approaching people at their level enables you to speak your customer’s language so that you both better understand each other. This is especially important when dealing with multiple cultures. Meet people where they are so that you can better understand them.

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