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Small Businesses Near You

Here at Knead Web Design, we believe that it is our mission to help any small business succeed. We think that if we can work to help build them then everyone wins. As we all know they are the backbone of our nation. Many small and new bu sinesses have the ability to turn into large businesses but they need your help. Don’t just support them on ‘small business Saturday’ or another ‘full moon occasion’, celebrate with small businesses near me and what they stand for every day.

Why are we doing this?

We know of many small businesses that do not want to market their products and/or services for fear that they may fail. We’ve seen many of them quit before even really getting started. We’ve seen the fight leave from small and new businesses eyes when they have reached the ‘burnout’ stage. We knew we had to do something and so a thought came to us. Why not help individual small and new businesses by helping them to get started and take the next steps toward their SUCCESSFUL business and that’s exactly what we did!

Looking for something? Take a look at the options from the businesses cards below to see if they can help you with what you Knead!

Business Plan Writing Assistance

small business card for editing services

Danyetta Najoli offers SPECIALIZED WRITING & EDITING SERVICES located in Cincinnati, OH

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Tree Removal Service

business card for landscaping and tree removal

Landscaping and tree removal service in Cincinnati, OH

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Bohemian Jewelry

wild jewelry accessories

WILD4dayz! jewelry and accessories jewelry for your unique spirit… in Cincinnati, OH

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Complete Pay

small business card for complete pay

Complete Pay is a payroll service company located in Jacksonville, FL

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Scentsy Star

small business card

This small business sells fragrances and is located in Jacksonville, FL

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Handyman Services

small business card for handyman services

Handyman Services Located in Cincinnati, OH

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