How to online marketing with figures for ROI

How to Online Marketing

What is online marketing

Online marketing is an ever-changing field. As there are advances in technology the way in which we market online also must change in order to stay consistent. In order to keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing start with the basics of marketing 101 and move forward. Marketing 101 is the foundation of marketing. It shows you how to sell by thinking critically, independently, analytically and creatively.

Who needs online marketing?

Who needs marketing? Well, Everyone. Whether you work for a company, are a manger of a company or are the CEO of a company you need marketing. Marketing teaches you how to sell yourself. This is a useful tool to help create substance and to help you engage with your employer, your audience, your coworkers, employees or clients alike. Online marketing is a useful tool whether you are an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, small business, mid-level business or of course a marketing agency. It is used to help figure out the best marketing strategy to maximize sales conversions.

Why Do I need a marketing strategy?

A good marketing strategy is designed to help reinforce the core idea that you are trying to portray. It helps to maximize your return on investment or (ROI) by pin pointing exactly what needs to be done or what needs to be marketed for the highest level of efficiency. A good marketing strategy encompasses a marketing mix of platforms. It takes into account a business’ plan to convert potential customers into actual customers for the products and or services they offer. Your marketing strategy should include what role your niche fills in the market, your brand messaging, information on your target audience and the overall message you’re trying to convey.

What is a digital marketing agency?

Knead Web Design is a digital marketing agency that aims to help you create maximum conversions through many avenues of online traffic. This may include website traffic, social media impressions, google ads, and so forth. A digital marketing agency helps you to balance your time by focusing on the key components of your business. As a digital marketing agency, we strive for innovative thinking. Innovative thinking creates fresh and new ideas to maximize ROI and get you the results you’re after. We advise our customers that we are in a digital era and it’s only progressing. At this point if you want to stay in business go digital. “Going digital” also refers to SEO or search engine optimization.

Do I need a website developer to design a website or can I build a website for my business?

Maybe the most common question that we get when dealing with online marketing and digital marketing is. “Do I need a website developer to design a website or can I build a website for my business?” This is an often overlooked topic. Many people think that it is okay just to have. However, nothing you do in business is just for kicks right? You’re in business to make money, make sales or to even make a difference. SO, what difference can you make if no one can find you? What good is a website that can’t be found?

Most modern technological advances have outlined a way for consumers to create website via drag and drop platforms or some other framework that is relatively user friendly. However, easier isn’t always better. If you build a website for the right reason you’re not building just to build, you’re building your website as a marketing tool to help convert sales and to increase your investment.

Digital Marketing

Digital and online marketing focuses not only on the external look of your website but the way that search engines see it as well. A professional web developer can help to create value for your business simply by upgrade your web platform. So when you ask, “DO I need a website developer or can I build a website?” we answer here. If you intend to use your website as a marketing tool to create conversions we recommend a website developer. If you have no intentions of attaining clients from your website or maximizing your ROI you can absolutely create a website yourself. However, what’s your time worth? The time spent working to build a website that isn’t going to give you much return on the time you’ve invested in it is in our opinion, counter productive.


Online marketing and selling go hand in hand. In order to sell successfully you need online marketing. Whether you are interested in pay per click ads, search engine optimization, social media advertising, Knead web design is one of the leading marketing agencies in Jacksonville FL and Cincinnati, OH. Essentially we sell your products and or services for you. Whether your audience is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Mocospace, or TikTok Knead Web Design has marketing strategy that can help you maximize your ROI. Your customer’s social experience is often times the first encounter they have with you. Selling is about having a level of professionalism so enduring that it portrays even when you don’t speak. Your potential clients want to hear from you, but with no social platforms and no online marketing; they won’t hear very much.

The 4 Ps of marketing

What are the 4ps of marketing and do they even matter? The four Ps of marketing are the determining factors of whether your product will sell or not. Here at Knead Web Design we believe that there is a market for everything if only you market. However, there are key components that help to steer you in the right direction as to whether or not your product and or service will be hit. Those 4ps of marketing are, Product, price, place and promotion. This is also oftentimes called a marketing mix. If the product is at a good price and is in the right place and is be promoted properly then it may be a good selling good or service.

Knead Web Design is an in print and online marketing bureau

Knead web design coins the slogan ‘innovative thinking will get you everywhere.’ We pride ourselves as a leading online marketing bureau that has our customers’ best interest in mind. We think ahead so you don’t have to. We follow the trends while creating your visions so that we can watch your visions come to life.

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